Contestants Info

Angela Wei

Birth place:
English, Mandarin
University undergraduate
Childhood dreams:
Which city will be the best place to realize your dream?
London, England
The most classic moment:
Being crowned Miss Top Fundraiser at Miss Teenage Canada 2017
The most classic Miss Chinese Vancouver and why?
Leanne Li. Her smile can melt everyone’s heart. She is also very sweet and graceful.
What present do you give for Fairchild TV 25th anniversary?
I wish to hold a charity concert to celebrate Fairchild’s 25th anniversary.
Reading, doing sports
Pipa, piano
Fav. color:
Fav. animal:
Fav. sport:
Fav. dance:
Street dance
Fav. celebrity:
Martha Argerich
Artistes you wish to collaborate with:
A piano duet with Martha Argerich
Who is your female role model and why?
My mother. As both a businesswoman and a mother of 3, she exemplifies good balance between life and career. Our family runs by 3 mottos: stay on track, work hard, and face sunshine no matter what comes your way.
What is the most beautiful object or incident in the world?
Piano. For me it is a language without words. When I am happy, it expresses my joy; when I am sad, it relieves my emotions.
Which body parts are you most satisfied with?
My eyes
Do you have any expectations towards the Pageant?
I expect the pageant to be challenging and rewarding. It is an opportunity to discover new things about myself.
What areas do you want to better yourself?
I want to become a better public speaker, to speak Cantonese fluently, and build self-confidence.
Reasons for joining the Pageant:
I joined the pageant because it is a learning experience, a way for me to share my talents and give back to the community.
Why do you think you will excel at this Pageant and be crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver?
I believe that my onstage presence and smile will show that I am a genuine, intelligent, and kind hearted individual who is determined to always put my best effort forward.
If you won this contest, how, as Miss Chinese Vancouver, would you contribute to the society and the world?
I would continue to volunteer for charities like Canuck Place and Children’s Hospital.