Contestants Info

Sarah Xu

Birth place:
Mandarin, English
University undergraduate
Childhood dreams:
Own a milk tea shop
Which city will be the best place to realize your dream?
As long as I have a dream, anywhere could be the place that makes my dream come true.
The most classic moment:
I attended Infinite’s concert two years ago. Watching their outstanding live performances and seeing how they shine on the stage have inspired me to work harder to become a better self just like them.
The most classic Miss Chinese Vancouver and why?
Linda Chung. She is confident, charming, and easy going.
What present do you give for Fairchild TV 25th anniversary?
Lucky Bamboo
Eating, listening to music, biking
Playing flute, singing
Fav. color:
Light blue, green
Fav. animal:
Fav. sport:
Fav. dance:
Fav. Artistes:
Sara Liu, Infinite
Artistes you wish to collaborate with:
Sara Liu
Who is your female role model and why?
Sara Liu. A talented artiste who has continued focusing on her music journey for more than 10 years and her passion for music has never changed under any circumstances.
What is the most beautiful object or incident in the world? Please provide a detailed account.
Smile. It brings happiness to everyone.
Which body parts are you most satisfied with?
Mouth. A great smile radiates warmth.
Do you have any expectations towards the Pageant?
To challenge myself and learn things that will only be taught at the Pageant.
What areas do you want to better yourself?
Reasons for joining the Pageant:
To improve myself and become better
Why do you think you will excel at this Pageant and be crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver?
My positive attitude and I always do my best no matter what comes up.
If you won this contest, how, as Miss Chinese Vancouver, would you contribute to the society and the world?
I would like to visit children with mental health issues and help building their confidence.